Our innovative Maxibags have proven to be a great success ever since we introduced it to the market, so much so they are now our best selling product for value for money and practicality.

Its unique size allows us to deliver the product anywhere on your property with ease. This saves you the time in not having to do this yourself. 

With its semi-weatherproof packaging we can make sure this product gets to your final destination in perfect dry conditions. 


Please note 5 x maxibags = 1 Cubic metre crate or 30 x 35 litre nets




CONTENTS:  Kiln Dried Hardwood

SPECIES:  ASH / Birch / Oak  (Depending on stock)


LOG SIZE:  25cm (9 3/4") standard length - Tolerance +/- 10%  

CAPACITY: 200 Litres  - Tight fill

BRASH CONT: Max. 2% per bag - brash constitutes bark and smaller pieces

LEAD TIME: On average 48hrs - Same day if required with prior notice