Our Fire Nets are packed tightly with our Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood for ease of delivery.

If you have spare room in a garage or store where nets can be stored this is the ideal solution for you to buy and store firewood in this format.

Our trained drivers are on hand to carry the nets to your desired location on your property.

We only sell Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood as other species such as Softwood and Alder will burn quicker compared to Ash or Birch- so bear this in mind when buying.

CONTENTS:          Kiln Dried Hardwood

SPECIES:               ASH / Birch / Oak / Beech (Depending on stock)

MOISTURE:          LESS THAN 18%

LOG SIZE:            25cm (9 3/4")  Tolerance +/- 10%

CAPACITY:           35 Litres (Tight fill) 

BRASH CONT:     Max. 2% per bag  (brash constitutes bark and smaller pieces)

LEAD TIME:         On average 48hrs - Same day if required with prior notice