Firelight briketts are 3 inch firelite (union) briquettes, which are a complementary alternative to wood. It is easy to light and has a bright, lively flame. It is long burning and produces very low sulphur. It is ideal for use on patio heaters and a convenient way to enjoy the comfort of a real fire.

Easy to store because you can store outside in a bunker or in the bag they are supplied in.

Anyone keen to make optimal use of their modern fireplace should combine wood and lignite briquettes as fuel.


Ready-for-use firewood is the traditional fuel for any fireplace. It burns quickly, produces a long flame, heats up the fireplace fast and ensures a romantic play of flames, so that wood is the ideal fuel if the fireplace is only used for short periods. However, if you wish to spend long evenings by the fireside, it is recommended to put Union briquettes in the fireplace after the wood following the motto: first wood, then briquettes.