Fire Lighters

Homefire Twizlers - 300g

Wood wool natural firelighters

Get your fire off to a fantastic start with our natural firelighters.


• Easy to light

• Burn for 7 to 10 minutes

• Have odourless and smokeless flame

• 100% natural

How to use 

The very first task component you should place in the area where your fire will take place is the firelighter. They are crucial to the fire-starting process and . This is how to use them:


1) Make sure the area you plan on starting your fire is clean first so that your fire will burn sufficiently.

2) Place the firelighters in the empty combustion chamber, and spread evenly across the space.

3) Then add  kindling on top before lighting the firelighters. We’d advise using a long-stemmed lighter to do this for safety reasons. You won’t need to add further firelighters if the flame has started.

4) Assuming your firelighters are working well, add your fuel source on top to make the flames stronger.


The job of the firelighters is simple but extremely effective to achieve strong flames.